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Essential Reading for Every American

Essential reading for every American:

  • The Law by Bastiat
  • Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Maybury
  • The Creature From Jekyll Island by Griffin
  • Biblical Economics by Sproul, Jr.
  • Whatever Happened to Justice by Maybury

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  • BPG DVD to be released soon!
BPG DVD to be released soon!

Did You Know?

Why Our Government Is So Immoral

It is unrealistic to think that we can place ethical people in government when the population that they represent is largely unethical. Like it or not, our elected officials are a reflection of our society as a whole. How do we improve the nation’s ethics? We must reestablish sound teaching of right and wrong in our homes, schools and churches. Moral relativism has permeated our institutions with the view that there are no absolutes and that right and wrong are situational. These “situation ethics” are the seeds from which government corruption sprouts.

Read the full article here: Government and Ethics: Less is More

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